Layla Mammi tests VERTICS. Sleeves in “Judas Goat” (9/7C)

Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat

Layla Mammi tests VERTICS. Sleeves in “Judas Goat” (9/7C)

Layla Mammi tests VERTICS. Sleeves in “Judas Goat” (9/7C)

Layla Mammi lives in NRW and increasingly in the Franconian Jura. A “base camp” in the Franconian Jura has gradually become a second, permanent residence. So she can pursue her passion, climbing and bouldering, much more and realize your projects. Layla has been climbing for over 20 years and has already scored many TOP routes in the Franconian Jura and other climbing areas.

Layla putting on the VERTICS. Sleeves and climbing shoes and when binding

Layla putting on VERTICS. Sleeves
Layla with climbing shoe and VERTICS. Sleeves
Layla when integrating with VERTICS. Sleeves

Layla climbs and trains about 2-3 times a week. Muscle soreness or elbow problems know you as good as not at all and if it pinches somewhere, e.g. after a campus board session, then you feel very clearly where the problem lies and finally deals with it very carefully. If necessary, a physiotherapist will help you with this. Only the left forearm close to the wrist is always prone to problems such as pumping or pulling. This also interferes from time to time when bouldering or climbing through difficult routes.

Layla in Judas goat with VERTICS. Sleeves

The route “Judasziege” is located in the area around Königstein of the Amberger Wand in the middle part “Kühloch”. It is rated smooth 9 (7c) and is considered technically very demanding. In particular, the Endurance and finger strength are required. The first person was Thomas Meier (before 2012).

All information about the tour can be found on the website of, Judas Goat.

Layla’s feedback on VERTICS. Sleeves

Layla Mammi

Before the first test while bouldering, I felt the pumping sensation on my left forearm again. Then I immediately have the VERTICS. Sleeves put on and immediately felt an improvement. The pumping sensation has immediately improved.

Product review VERTICS. Sleeves

Layla Mammi tests VERTICVS. Sleeves in “Judas Goat” (9/7C)

“So 4 days before the planned photo shoot I went to the Kühloch to continue working on the passage of the “Judas goat”.

In the tour I usually have a “power outage” from the 4th Bolt. I just can’t hold the boulder-heavy trains anymore and the left arm is usually already pumped.

So I put on my sleeves in the warmup today and got on the tour. I immediately had a good feeling and the imbalance between the right and left forearm was immediately equalized.”

Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat
Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat
Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat
Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat

“I got through the tour at this Go, and that 4 days before the planned photo shoot with Stefan Riedl right here on this wall. I was very surprised myself and my forearms felt very good.”

“I will be VERTICS. Wear sleeves more often and continue to benefit from the positive effects such as more endurance, less arm pump and faster regeneration.”

Photo gallery for the passage “Judas goat” (9/7c) by Layla Mammi with VERTICS. Sleeves

All photos by Stefan Riedl

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