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VERTICS. Sleeves and VERTICS. Calfs

Compression Made in Germany

VERTICS has transferred the principle of muscle compression from extremities to forearms and calves .
We have convinced many athletes from a wide variety of sports.

VERTICS. Sleeves and VERTICS. Calfs compression Made in Germany were developed in the traditional company for orthopaedic-technical knitted products . Our compression cuffs are manufactured at the highest quality level manufactured with many years of experience and know-how .

Award for new products

100% Made in Germany

VERTICS made in germany


Forearm cuffs



Calf warmers


VERTICS muscle compression for many applications

VERTICS. Sleeves Forearm Muscle Compression

VERTICS. Sleeves for the forearms are used in climbing and bouldering, motocross, bike sports, MTB, in the fitness area and in paddling as well as in SUP – Stand Up Paddling.

They ensure better blood circulation of the forearms and thus more endurance over long distances or longer stress, less arm pump and faster regeneration.

In addition, the sleeves also help with tennis elbows and many other forearm and elbow complaints. They ensure faster recovery and contribute to faster healing .

Click here for more information about VERTICS. Sleeves and the effect on tennis elbows & Co.

VERTICS. Calfs Calfs Calf Muscle Compression

VERTICS. Calf’s calf cuffs promote blood circulation in the calf muscles during long runs, hiking and mountaineering, as well as skiing and on long air journeys and long standing.

Muscle compression on the calves reduces calf pump and cramps and accelerates recovery.

In case of problems with e.B. the Achilles tendon, VERTICS work. Calfs stabilises and provides rapid relief from discomfort and thus faster healing.

Click here for more information about VERTICS. Calfs .

The benefits of muscle compression

more stamina

faster regeneration

longer workouts

less arm pump

less calf pumps

medical benefits

VERTICS. Sleeves and VERTICS. Calfs
Compression Made in Germany

VERTICS compression cuffs are manufactured in Germany in a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production process with state-of-the-art circular knitting machines. Production is subject to constant quality control. This enables us to consistently produce our compression gauntlets at a very high level. They were tested by the materials testing company Hohenstein Institute for the pressure conditions and the course of compression.

VERTICS. Sleeves in the HOSY compression test

Product properties at the highest level

Breathable material

long durability due to more yarn

Cooling effect by moistening