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VERTICS.Calfs calf compression sleeves

VERTICS.Calfs Waden Kompression


Our compression gauntlets for the calves VERTICS.Calfs are used to improve blood circulation in the calf. This leads to more endurance, less calf pumps and faster regeneration.

Suitable for these sports: Running, hiking, trail running and ultra running, when traveling and when standing for a long time in sport or at work and much more

Price: € 39.50

Incl. 19% VAT. shipment

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Mode of action:

  • more stamina
  • less calf pumps
  • faster regeneration
  • helps with prolonged standing

3 different color combinations, 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)

VERTICS.Calfs mode of action

The compression of the muscles causes an improved blood circulation and thus ensures more endurance, less pumps in the compressed area and a shortened regeneration time.

In this way, the athletes can carry out more intensive training units and increase their performance. And that in connection with a faster regeneration.

Wearing VERTICS.Calfs Compression gauntlets on the calves prevent the muscles from oscillating too much during exercise and thus protect the musculoskeletal system when running or hiking.

Whether hiking or running, the compression of the calves leads to less fatigue and the legs stay fresh longer. Especially when going downhill on long hikes, the legs feel much lighter and the calves do not cramp as quickly.

The blood flow to the calf muscles is also supported when traveling and when sitting for a long time and the risk of thrombosis can be reduced.

This also applies to long periods of standing at work or, for example, SUP – Stand Up Paddling.

VERTICS.Calfs Anatomie

VERTICS.Calfs colors

VERTICS.Calfs calf compression gauntlets in 3 colors and 4 sizes from now on in VERTICS online shop available!

petrol / black

VERTICS.Calfs petrol/black Wadenstulpen

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coal / black

VERTICS.Calfs coal/black Wadenstulpen

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lime / black

VERTICS.Calfs lime/black Wadenstulpen

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One set VERTICS.Calfs consists of 2 compression sleeves with 2 different designs. When choosing the size of the sleeves, choose your calf circumference, measured at the thickest point.

VERTICS.Calfs Größen Sizing

Questions about sizing? Then read our blog post on the subject here!

Developed and produced “Made in Germany”

The development of the compression cuffs took place with our partner who has had the know-how and well-founded experience in the manufacture of compression goods in the medical, orthopedic and sports sectors for generations. The technical execution and design of the compression process and the compression properties are decisive for the mode of operation.

The know-how that our VERTICS.Sleeves , the forearm muscle compression gauntlets, has also been incorporated into the development of the calf gauntlets

Developed and produced in Germany, we continue to pursue the motto “ 100% Made in Germany “. We keep what has proven itself in recent years and ensure the exact compression process through constant quality controls. This is absolutely necessary for the effectiveness of muscle compression and ensures the functionality of our compression products.

VERTICS.Calf im HOSY Kompressionsmessgerät

VERTICS.Calfs product features

  • seamless circular knitting technique for great comfort
  • double knitted edge areas for long durability
  • Synthetic blended fabric for permanent elasticity and easy care
  • high density knitted structure for high durability
  • decreasing compression curve in the direction of the heart to accelerate blood circulation
  • two different compression areas, characterized by rib knit and piqué knit
  • Environmentally and allergy friendly materials in OEKO-TEX® quality
  • latex-free, 75% polyamide *, 25% elastane **
  • 100% Made in Germany

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VERTICS.Calfs reviews

We have VERTICS.Calfs Tested intensively and extensively for you over a long period of time. Whether hiking, hiking or running, stand-up paddling, biking, long car trips and air travel, we and the users have always been and are of the way the calf compression gauntlets work VERTICS.Calfs convinced.

So too, for example Kerstin Stephan , German champion in almost all distances from the Wiesbaden Athletics Club LC Olympia Wiesbaden eV


“I washed the VERTICS.Calfs on Monday evening so that I could test them on Tuesday. First of all: I think it looks very good. Not too patterned, but noticeable enough. At first I honestly thought that they weren’t tight enough, that they weren’t as tight as those of the competition. But when I ran I had a very good feeling, they sit compactly, don’t slide and you can hardly feel them. And funnily enough, I always had a bit firm calves in the two previous weeks after track training, this time it wasn’t at all like that. It could be a coincidence … But I will definitely continue to test them … the other day, by the way, I also wore them in the morning after training. If the sore muscles are too severe, they help really well with regeneration “

Kerstin Stephan
Kerstin Stephan
Runner from Wiesbaden

VERTICS.Calfs impressions

Kerstin Stephan komprimiert
Beine mit Kompressionsstulpen
VERTICS Calfs beim Laufen
VERTICS.Calfs Anprobe


* Polyamide is tear-resistant, crease-resistant and scrubbable, dries very quickly and is very robust, is used in combination with other fibers. Recycling code 07-O
** Elastane (also Spandex, Lycra) is elastic, resistant to aging, seawater and UV, and returns exactly to its original shape when it is stretched.