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VERTICS.Sleeves forearm muscle compression



Forearm compression cuffs

Our compression sleeves for the forearms VERTICS.Sleeves are used to improve the blood circulation in the forearm. This leads to more endurance, less arm pump and faster regeneration. Helps with tennis elbows and Co.

Suitable for these sports: climbing, bouldering, biking, tennis, motocross, paddling, rowing, SUP, yoga, fitness and much more

Price: € 39.50

Price: € 29,90

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Mode of action:

8 different color combinations, 3 sizes (S, M, L)

VERTICS sleeves compression cuffs forearms
Layla Mammi climbs Judas goat

VERTICS.Sleeves product features

VERTICS.Sleeves are made in 2 different knitting patterns with different compression properties. This ensures an optimal compression process. The sleeves are knitted twice on the inside at the wrist and elbow. The edges are comfortably equipped to prevent pressure points. The compression curve decreases from the wrist to the elbow, i.e. in the direction of the pump towards the heart.

One set VERTICS.Sleeves consists of 2 compression sleeves with 2 different designs. When choosing the size of the sleeves, choose your forearm circumference, measured at the thickest point.

Advantages of VERTICS.Sleeves

more stamina

less arm pump

faster regeneration

longer workouts

Carrying and care instructions

You can do yours VERTICS.Sleeves Wear it shortly before exercise, during exercise and afterwards. Wear your VERTICS.Sleeves for 2-3 hours after exercising. Use it the next day for another 2-3 hours to support regeneration! Draw yours VERTICS.Sleeves absolutely to sleep out.

Wash the sleeves before using them for the first time and afterwards depending on how dirty they are. Wash the sleeves inside out by hand or in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Pull into shape after washing. Do not dry on the heater or in the dryer. That’s how they hold VERTICS.Sleeves even longer and remain elastic for a long time.

Power wellness for the arms

VERTICS.Sleeves Forearm warmers with a compression effect let you hold on and hold out longer. Their anatomically precisely matched compression effect reduces the arm pumping effect. Wearing the sleeves prevents sore muscles and your muscles do not harden as quickly. So you can do your sport without the annoying burning sensation in your forearm and benefit from more intensive training. The high-strength yet pleasantly elastic material of the VERTICS.Sleeves Forearm stockings protect your arms from external injuries, stabilize tendons and ligaments and counteract cramping. You can yours VERTICS.Sleeves carry on after exercise and thus accelerate the regeneration of the forearm muscles.

Efficacy proven in study

In a Swiss study from 2015, subjects with normal VERTICS. Sleeves compression measured a lower lactate value and the perceived exertion rated lower on the Borg scale. The comparison group was treated to VERTICS. Sleeves equipped without significant compression. Meanwhile, there are further studies, e.g. of the Sport University Cologne or the University of Katowice. All information about the studyhere…

Likewise, VERTICS. Sleeves are used very successfully in many physiotherapy practices against elbow complaints, especially tennis elbows or epicondylitis . Read more here…

Better blood circulation with compression

How the VERTICS.Sleeves is based on medical knowledge from the field of muscle compression. Compression bandages accelerate blood circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles. This leads to an increase in muscle performance. The venous return system is supported by the decreasing compression pressure towards the heart. Muscle soreness is avoided and the regeneration time is shortened. In addition, the precisely fitting ones stabilize VERTICS.Sleeves the tendons and ligaments of the forearm and pretension the muscles. The risk of injury is significantly reduced – also because the ability to coordinate increases due to the more intense body awareness. Through the improved perception of the forearm through proprioception, movements are carried out more consciously and precisely. Discomfort in the wrist and elbow, in particular epicondylitis or tennis elbow, golf elbow, compartment syndrome and mouse arm, can be alleviated and prevented.

VERTICS.Sleeves in action

VERTICS.Sleeves features

Feel the tension

  • optimization  the  Muscle tension
  • stabilization  from  Tendons  and  Ribbons
  • improvement  from  coordination  and  Movement precision
  • reduction  the  risk of injury

Enjoy the flow

  • Promote the muscular  Blood circulation  and  Oxygen supply
  • Increase in  Muscle performance
  • Accelerated  Blood circulation
  • Support of  Lymph flow

Forget the arm pump

  • reduction  of the undesirable  Arm pump  Effect
  • Avoidance  respectively.  reduction  from  aching
  • Shortening  the  Regeneration time
  • Intensification  of  Trainings  with less fatigue

Medical benefit

  • relief  and  prevention  from Epicondylitis  respectively.  Tennis elbow Golfer's elbow  and  Mouse arm
  • Pain reduction  at  Tendonitis  and after operations in the forearm area
  • Application at  Burn scars Edema  and  Hernias  on the forearm

VERTICS.Sleeves anatomy

Anatomy VERTICS.Sleeves

VERTICS.Sleeves are high-quality functional goods with excellent product properties:

Production made in Germany

VERTICS.Sleeves are manufactured in Germany in a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production process with the most modern circular knitting machines. The production is subject to constant quality control. This enables us to consistently produce our compression gauntlets at a very high level.

We use yarns with a fineness of 78/23/2 dtex (1 dtex corresponds to 10000m). That means: 78 grams at 10,000m, 23 filaments, twisted twice. This means that 1 VERTICS.Sleeve size M with a weight of 15 grams contains 1923m (1.923 km) of yarn. This gives our sleeves a long service life and the stability you need when climbing on rough rock or on sloopers.

High quality from VERTICS.Sleeves


Cooling by moistening

More durable with more yarn

Development and material testing

The development of the compression sleeves took place with our partner who has had the know-how and well-founded experience in the production of compression goods in the medical, orthopedic and sports sectors for generations. The technical execution and design of the compression process and the compression properties are decisive for the mode of operation.

Every day will be VERTICS.Sleeves Measured again and checked for the correct elongation values with modern measuring devices. Only when all the parameters are correct do the knitting machines run up and production begins.

VERTICS.Sleeves were by the materials testing company Hohenstein Institute on the pressure conditions and the course the compression tested. It was VERTICS certifies an excellent, even compression curve.

VERTICS.Sleeves form different ones over the entire course Compression classes away. The compression pressure decreases evenly in the direction of the elbow. Here is an excerpt from the test report:

* Polyamide is tear-resistant, crease-resistant and scrubbable, dries very quickly and is very robust, is used in combination with other fibers. Recycling code 07-O
** Elastane (also Spandex, Lycra) is elastic, resistant to aging, seawater and UV, and returns exactly to its original shape when it is stretched.